Clean beaches of Milos

We love Milos island and his nature. And we are aware of our responsibility for future of our kids.
Our goal is to keep the beaches of Milos clean. For every whole month when our accomodation will be fully booked, hotel Milos village will clean one of the beaches on Milos island. Our future and even our travelling depends on the nature. Are you going to help us?

Rubbish at the beach in Milos
What we collected within 2 hours

Action 4 - Papafragas cave

Date: 24.11.2022
Papafragas caves and beach, close from the road, probably everybody who approached to or from the Pollonia village, also stopped here. Amazing view from the rocks, hidden caves and no GSM signal! 
Result: Here we go again with the car trunk fullfilled of the plastic


Action 3 - Tourkothalassa (Mandrakia) beach

Date: 1.7.2022
Mandrakia is very popular destination within Milos. Its beach offers lovely view inside the fishermen´s bay. Asside of main beach, on the left side behind the rocks, waves brought a lot of garbage. 
Result: And again, four plastic bags fullfilled of plast!

Mandrakia bay, Milos
Not very happy view, but we will fix it!
And garbage all around.
Garbage removed, beach is now clean.

Action 2 - No name beach close to Imerys winery

Date: 16.6.2022
We are aware of what we have promised! We are also aware that the worst situation with garbage is at the northern side of the Milos, where the wind brings all the rubbish collected from the sea and from the ferries! 
Result: Four plastic bags fullfilled of plast!

We are going to the beach... to work there! Help the nature with us
The same wind brings all the rubbish lost from the ships, and also the sea is a big collecter.
Northern beaches of Milos, where the wind is mostly strong.
I am happy to helping the nature sourrounding our beautifull island
First year of cleaning, this was a surprise to me
This is how the beach looks before we started

Action 1 - beach of Nerodáfni (Παραλία Νεροδάφνη)

Date: 29.3.2020
Year 2020, when the Milos village apartment was "born". Although we have been heavy busy with reconstruction work, we also started our cleaning mission.

Result: car trunk full of garbage!
Next: Let´s continue in 2021, it is going to be the best summer!

Few hours of work can really help the nature
Car trunk filled with rubbish.